When is the best time of the year to visit Rome?

People that come to Rome sometimes think that it is too crowded or too warm. That is right but only in part. It is important to be informed about the peculiarity of every season before you leave.
Rome is one of the most visited city in the world but there are times of the year when Rome is less crowded.

Discover with Bacco Tours the best time of the year to visit Rome.

December – January – February :

Normally there are less people visiting the city because it’s quite cold. It is winter time and the average temperature is 9°C. The hotels are cheaper and the streets are less crowded. Anyway it is impossible to find The Vatican Museums or the Colosseum completely empty, but if you avoid the week ends and Christmas time, you may have a pleasant and calm visit.

March – April – May :

Easter and the 1st of May are not the best period to visit the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum, it’s almost impossible to find the tickets if you don’t book in advance. Super high season – super crowded. The climate is very pleasant (average temperature 20°) so you can come to visit lesser known museums and parks and enjoy the city in a more authentic way. The prices of the hotels in March are still cheap in Rome, but during Easter Time they get really expensive.

June – July – August :

During the summer time, especially in August, the locals take their vacations and leave the city. But the tourists are here to replace them. It is super hot and the main museums are very crowded (Vatican museums, colosseum). The average temperature is 30°C up to 40°C. Night and day, the Spanish Steps or the Trevi Fountain square are always crowded. If you book in advance, you can find some cheap hotel rooms or apartment for June and July. Regarding August, we really don’t recommend to stay in Rome for many days. 

September – October – November:

Tourism is present all year in Rome but spring and autumn are the most pleasant times when you want to walk though the Piazza of the eternal city. The average temperature is 15°C up to 20°C. November is a nice month for Rome because the flights and the hotels are quite cheap and the temperature is fine. The main squares are not so crowded. Just be careful, it is always recommended to book the Vatican Museums or Colosseum in advance.



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