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Italy is one of the greatest Wine producers in the world. In Italy there are at least 600 indigenous grapes which are used to make very different wines. Every region has its own varieties and special characteristics. Let us tell you about the fascinating world of Italian Wine. 

montepulciano d Abruzzo doc

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC is the Abruzzo wine flagship and one of the most grown grapes in Italy. It comes  originally from Greece  and was mentioned for the


Primitivo or Zinfandel?

Primitivo is a black-skinned grape grown in the south of Italy that , because of the similar characteristics profile than the American Zinfandel, has caused

Volcanic wines

Volcanic wines. Etna DOC

VOLCANIC WINES ETNA DOC Viticulture is influenced by many factors but, certainly, the terroir is the one that has the biggest impact. Despite what can


History of wine

The word wine probably comes from the indoeuropean Vin (life) which has the same root of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.  The first

Grapes bacco tours

Best DOCG wines from Italy

BEST DOCG WINES ITALY When the Greek conquered south Italy, they found many vine plants and called the peninsula Enotria, the land of Wine (from


Italian Food is famous all over the world. Italian restaurants are everywhere but are the Italian restaurants really authentic abroad? Let us tell you some interesting curiosities about Italian food and original specialities. Buon appetito!

History of pasta

History of Pasta

History of pasta Pasta is a Greek word which means to knead. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome the use of flour mixed with salt


The real Pasta Alfredo – Italian food curiosities

You will be disappointed when you enter a typical Italian restaurant and you don’t find the world-famous pasta Alfredo. Nowadays you can find pasta Alfredo in some menus only because of the increasing tourists demand but it doesn’t belong to the Italian culinary tradition, at all. Why is pasta Alfredo so famous then?



Do you want to learn Italian words or Italian gestures? Follow our blog about Italian culture and learn to be a real Italian 

Basic Italian – Top 10 most famous gestures

1) What do you want? What is it? When the referee at the Football match whistles and the player doesn t understand why. 2)


Most beautiful Italian words

“Italiano” is a Romance language (or Neo-Latin language) which means that it derives from Vulgar Latin. Most people love Italian language because it’s musical and


Epiphany in Italy

The epiphany in the cristian church celebrates the three kings who arrived in Bethlehem and donated some gifts to Jesus.  In Italy on the 6th

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