Italian gestures

Che cosa vuoi? What do you want? When the referee at the Football match whistles and the player doesn’t understand why. 

Let's go! Andiamo

Italian gestures

Time to leave, andiamo! When it is time to go because there is a football match on tv.

I don't care

Italian gestures

Non mi interessa! A chin flick is the favourite gesture of the lazy people. 

You have horns!

Italian gestures

One of the worst offenses you can do to an Italian. If you wear horns it means that your partner has cheated on you. It is one of the most common offenses that the football supporters are saying to the referee. 

The famous Rock n Roll star James Dio made it so often during his concerts that it became the symbol also of Rock n Roll. Not many people know why he did it. The answer is easy: He had an Italian grandmother who did it often to the young James. 

Bla bla bla

When a friend of yours talks too much

Be careful! Occhio!

Italian gestures

Occhio! Be careful! When you want to tell your friend to be careful.

I don't know

italian gestures

Non lo so! This gesture needs a little bit of practice and coordination:

3 moves: 

  • Open your arms 
  • Chest out
  • Belly in

…and make a doubtful face

No more! Nothing!

Italian gestures

Make a pistol with thumb and index and rotate. When a friend ask you to borrow some money and you don’t have. Niente!

Delicious! Delizioso!

When the pasta is delicious 

It's full of people!

Italian gestures

E’ pieno! When you go to the Trevi fountain to throw the coin but there are people everywhere!

and at the end the bad gestures...

...you can learn in the traffic jam