“Italiano” is a Romance language (or Neo-Latin language) which means that it derives from Vulgar Latin. Most people love Italian language because it’s musical and romantic. We cannot hide the reputation of the italian people to be proud and passionate.
You want to learn some cool italian words? These are only 5 most beautiful italian words used in everyday conversation. More interesting words are coming soon.
The funny italian word for ice-cream is now used worldwide as the italian ice-cream is very well known. Creamy and authentic, it’s the best companion during the great summer heat in the big cities such as Rome or Venice.
This wonderful word describes a place where you can have a beautiful view over a city or a landscape, normally a very high position with a balcony.
Allegro is said of someone joyful, just happy about nothing in particular. To be allegro is a state of mind, a personality.
Pomeriggio is not only “the afternoon”, it’s the moment of the day when the temperature gets cooler and people meet on the streets to “chiacchierare”, just for the pleasure to chat and stay together.
How many times have you heard about “ciao Bella” “bella ragazza“, a beautiful young lady, or “bel ragazzo“, handsome young man.