Pizza is the most famous food in the world. 

American people are the first consumers, with 350 slices of pizza per second.
But did you know that Pizza was not invented in the US?

The word Pizza comes from Latinpinsere – pinsa” which was a pressed white bread that already existed during the Ancient Romans time. The Pizza as we know it today was made for the first time in Naples in honor of Queen Margherita. It was simply made of white mozzarella, red tomato sauce and green basil following the colors of the Italian flag. 
At that time, pizza was famous only in Southern Italy. Pizza became very famous only after the Italian signor Lombardi moved to New York and opened a pizzeria.
Today Napolitan pizza is listed UNESCO world heritage product. Italian Pizza is different from region to region. Pizza in Naples is thick whereas in Rome it is thin and crunchy. 

You can also find white pizza in Italy as for example the white pizza with mortadella from Rome, the focaccia or the schiacciata from Florence

Please never ask in Italy a pizza with pineapple. If you want to know also the other most common mistakes tourists do in Italy, read our post about the most famous Italian food that are not Italian.

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