Aperitivo is a ritual for Italians and it is the step before an Italian Lunch or Dinner. Aperitivo is usually accompained by some Finger Food such as Chips, Pistachios, Olives, Nuts just to open the Stomach.
On the other hand, Apericena includes the word Cena that means Dinner and it can be a substitute for a Meal. It usually includes Cold Cuts Board, Cheese, Pizza, Rice, Tramezzini etc. The favourite Italian Drink with Aperitivo and Apericena is Spritz, made with 1/3 Prosecco, 1/3 Sparkling Water, 1/3 Aperol or Bitter.
1. Rinascente Terrace: One of the most Exclusive place in Rome and one of the Best Views of the Eternal City. Just a few steps from the Trevi Fountain, the Rinascente is located on the Via del Tritone. Not to miss the beautiful ruins of the Aqua Virgo, the Roman Aqueduct that is still finishing at the Trevi Fountain.

2. Enoteca Ferrara in Trastevere, near to Piazza Trilussa. 26000 Bottles and 1300 Labels are a Warranty of Quality and Excellence. This is the Best Aperitivo Experience in the lively Trastevere District.

3. La Prosciutteria, is the ideal Place if you like Meat based Italian Crostini or Bruschette. Here you can have a Glass of Wine or a Beer with a Tagliere, a Cold Cuts Board with Roman, Tuscan and Specialities from Umbria.

4. Bar del Fico, near to Piazza Navona is a Meeting point for Locals. The Bar is an Institution in Italy, it is the Place where to find young and older people and where you can chat about Football, Politics and Food. Very often you can find older People playing Chess. Here you can have a Spritz, a Glass of Wine or an Artisanal  Beer while tasting some Finger Food.

5. Porto Fluviale is one of our favourite Places where you can taste Roman Specialities, have a Dinner, Aperitivo or Brunch. It is called the River Port because 2000 years Ago here was the River Port of the Ancient Rome. Here you are very near to Piramide, Testaccio and Trastevere, a strategical point to start your evening in Rome.

6. Il Tagliere Toscano at Piazza Navona, is an Aperitivo Place built on the Ruins of the ancient Stadium of Domitian. Don’t forget to visit the Ruins underneath


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