The most visited Destinations in Italy

most visited destinations italy

The most visited destinations in Italy First time in Italy? Millions of visitors come to Italy each year. Italy’s most visited places attract tourists from around the globe. Let’s find out which are the typical places that people visit the most in Italy. Let us be your guide to the most visited destinations in Italy you […]

Highlights Ostia Antica – Top 10

Highlights Ostia antica Top 10

OSTIA ANTICA Ostia Antica was the ancient port of Rome, fundamental for the trade of ancient Rome. The port developed along the mouth of the river Tiber in fact Ostia means mouth of the river. In the 1st century AD the emperors built other ports in Fiumicino and later in Centumcellae (modern Civitavecchia) which became […]

Top 10 best beaches Lazio

best beaches lazio

Best beaches near Rome Italy is the ideal holiday destination if you want to enjoy culture, food, wine, history, art, sun and sea. The region Lazio is not only Rome but is made of small villages and picturesque landscapes made of mountains, hills, lakes and sea. Unforgettable are the sunsets on the sea during Summer. […]

Most beautiful streets Rome


Most beautiful streets Rome Rome is beautiful at every corner. Discover the most picturesque streets in the city centre of Rome and not only where you can have the best aperitivo in Rome or just have a nice stroll and take some beautiful pictures. Via Coronari was nominated by the American magazine Architectural Digest one of the […]

Frascati DOC – what the Romans drink


Frascati DOC – what the Romans drink Frascati is one of the villages which form the “Castelli Romani”, a lovely district spread around the Alban hills just south of Rome. Castelli Romani is the place to be to experience traditional roman dishes and  try the most representative wine of the capital: Frascati DOC. Frascati wine […]

Rent apartment Santa Marinella (Rome)

rent apartment Santa Marinella

Rent apartment in Santa Marinella located just 30 minutes from Roma San Pietro. Santa Marinella has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Lazio region and offers everything you need for your perfect holiday: restaurants, bars, supermarkets and a little bit of nightlife. During the 60s it was a very nice posh area. Ingrid […]

Top 10 best monuments Rome


The city centre of Rome belongs all to the Unesco list. While walking in Rome you will be impressed by so many monuments and ancient buildings. Be sure to not miss the most important ones. Check this list: Aurelian walls Mura aureliane. The Aurelian city walls were built on the 3rd cent AD. 13 km […]

The Talking Statue of Pasquino – Secret Rome

PASQUINO Pasquino was a taylor who used to live in Rome during the 16th century. He was known by people as a satirist.  Everytime he saw some injustice made by some rich man or authorities and church, he always denounced by satires so many people (expecially the ones who committed some injustice) were afraid by […]

Top 10 BEST Roman dishes and traditional plates

Trippa romana

Top 10 Roman dishes 1. Pasta Carbonara. Her majesty the pasta Carbonara is one of the most famous pasta in the world. Unfortunately chefs in many countries add weird ingredients such as white cream, ham and sometimes peas. We don’t have an original recipe but the ingredients are quite clear, they are  only 3: egg, […]

The Ghost of Beatrice Cenci

During the XVI° century, Beatrice Cenci was the daughter of a noble man Francesco Cenci. This man was a very violent man, both outside and inside his house and this created him a lot of problems with the justice. Fortunately (for him) his social position saved him from the prison. In the local tradition, someone […]