During the XVI° century, Beatrice Cenci was the daughter of a noble man Francesco Cenci.

This man was a very violent man, both outside and inside his house and this created him a lot of problems with the justice. Fortunately (for him) his social position saved him from the prison.

In the local tradition, someone thinks that Francesco Cenci also tried to abuse sexually of his daughter.

This situation pushed Beatrice to denounce her father but without any result, so all family decided to kill him.

In 1598, with the help of a servant, Francesco was drugged and they could easily kill him.

When his dead body was found, Beatrice, her mother and her brother Giacomo were sentenced to death.

The 10th of September 1599, at the dawn, all members were beheaded on Ponte Sant’Angelo Bridge. A  lot of people, still nowadays, is sure to see her ghost in the night between the 10th and the 11th of September on the same bridge where she has been beheaded. 

Carlo Tullo