The Ghost of Beatrice Cenci

During the XVI┬░ century, Beatrice Cenci was the daughter of a noble man Francesco Cenci. This man was a very violent man, both outside and inside his house and this created him a lot of problems with the justice. Fortunately (for him) his social position saved him from the prison. In the local tradition, someone […]

Secrets Rome – The 4 heads bridge

The bridge connecting the Tiber Island with the Jewish Ghetto is the most ancient in Rome. Its original name is Ponte Fabricio and it was built more than 2000 years ago.  During the 16th century Pope Sixtus V commissioned to 4 architects the restoration of the ancient bridge. The four architects were not good friends […]

Free things that you MUST Do and SEE in Rome.


They say that the Best things in life are free. That is true for Rome as the best experiences that you can have here are priceless. This is only a list that gives you the opportunity to make your own researches. Free (or almost) things that you MUST Do and SEE in Rome: 1. The […]