Barolo: the king of wines, the wine of the kings

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Barolo king of wines Barolo is one of the greatest Italian wines produced in the Piedmont region. The name Barolo comes from a little village in the Langhe Area located at the foot of the Alps (Piedmont=foot of mountain). Barolo wine is made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes and is also called “king of the wines, and wine […]

Cannonau DOC: ancient, delicious and healthy

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Cannonau wine tasting Italy Cannonau is the iconic wine from Sardinia where is the most grown red grape and cover the 30% of the whole wine production on the island. For a long time was believed that Cannonau coincides with Garnacha and that was introduced in Sardinia by the Spanish in the XV century during […]

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC

Florence wine tasting

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC is the Abruzzo wine flagship and one of the most grown grapes in Italy. It comes  originally from Greece  and was mentioned for the first time by the greek writer Polibio (206 a.c.- 124 a.c.) who praised it as a good therapy for men to recover from injuries. There are few other writers that, […]

Pesto: yesterday, today and wine pairing


Pesto is one of the Italian masterpieces and among the most famous cold sauce in the world. Although the classic “Pesto alla Genovese” was created in Liguria only in the XIX century, the practice of blending aromatic herbs with cheese and garlic has a very long tradition. Virgilio ,in one of his scripts, says that […]

Moscato d’Asti DOCG… Simply unique

  Moscato is one of the oldest grape in the world and there are plenty of mutuations that came up from this variety but the italian Moscato d’Asti is really a special one. The name Moscato comes originally from Muscum that means musk referring to its typical aroma. The first evidences of Moscato dates back […]

Primitivo or Zinfandel?


Primitivo is a black-skinned grape grown in the south of Italy that , because of the similar characteristics profile than the American Zinfandel, has caused many discussions in regards of its origin. After several theories, in 2001 a researcher of Davis University proved that Primitivo and Zinfandel actually share the same Croatian ancestor. In fact, […]

Vermentino: Mediterranean Sea in a glass


Vermentino white wines Italy Vermentino is a semi-aromatic white grape mostly grown in Italy even if the increasing number of new plantings around the world shows how this variety is internationally appreciated. In regards to the origin of Vermentino is still confusing but seems that it was introduced from Spain to Italy in the XIV […]

Vesuvio DOC: Lacrima Christi

Wine tasting Vesuvius

Best wine tasting Vesuvius Lacryma Christi is the most representative among the wines produced at the Vesuvius Vulcan foot hills. It is a wine surely not prised for the quantity but the quality, along with the legend around its origin, has lead Lacryma Christi to be highly appreciated in Italy and in the world. The […]

Pollo alla cacciatora: profile and perfect wine pairing


Pollo alla cacciatora is one of the most typical italian dishes and it comes from the traditional peasant food. “Alla cacciatora” means “like hunters” that used to flavour with rosmarin and garlic the game just after hunted. Many regions, in particular in central Italy, claim the origin of Pollo alla cacciatora but Rome seems to be its […]

Frascati DOC – what the Romans drink


Frascati is one of the villages which form the “Castelli Romani”, a lovely district spread around the Alban hills just south of Rome. Castelli Romani is the place to be to experience traditional roman dishes and  try the most representative wine of the capital: Frascati DOC. Frascati wine has a very long history as it […]