The most visited Destinations in Italy

most visited destinations italy

The most visited destinations in Italy First time in Italy? Millions of visitors come to Italy each year. Italy’s most visited places attract tourists from around the globe. Let’s find out which are the typical places that people visit the most in Italy. Let us be your guide to the most visited destinations in Italy you […]

Info tickets Colosseum


The official tickets for the Colosseum are valid also for the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. On the Palatine Hill there are the ruins of the Emperial palaces whereas in the Roman Forum there are the ruins of the most important administrative, religious and financial buildings.  The price is 18 euros for adults, 4 […]

The best time to visit Rome

Piazza di Spagna

When is the best time of the year to visit Rome? People that come to Rome sometimes think that it is too crowded or too warm. That is right but only in part. It is important to be informed about the peculiarity of every season before you leave. Rome is one of the most visited […]