What to know if you visit Rome for the first time and how to prepare your first trip to Rome

Are you visiting Rome for the first time?

These are some important information about how to move in Rome, when is the best time to visit the city and how to prepare at best your first trip to Rome.


Best period of the year to visit Rome

Rome has very warm summer and sunny winter so every period is good to visit the city, 

but our recommendation is to chose April, May or June when it is not too warm. Be careful because during the Easter Time the lines to the Colosseum or Vatican Museums can be very long.

September, October and November is also good as it is not very crowded and you can find nice sunny days.

If you still have doubts, check this detailed article about When is the Best time to visit Rome.


Public transportation in Rome

How does the public transportation work in Rome

There are only 3 metro lines: A, B, C. The A line serves the City Centre (Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Popolo) as well as the Vatican City. The B line will get you to the Colosseum.

The One way ticket inside the city lasts 100 minutes and costs 1,50 euros per person. You can find the metro/bus tickets inside the metro stations. There is the possibility to buy one day, two days, three days tickets. The public bus service is available in all the City Centre and the ticket is the same as the metro. You can use Google Maps to find which bus or metro you should take.


Museums and Guides

You should always book your museum tickets in advance to avoid very long lines, no matter which period of the year you choose to come to visit Rome.

If you want to be guided in some of your visits, look for an authorized guide online, it is the best way to avoid bad surprises. A local guide can also give you good tips about the best restaurants and lesser known corners of the city.


Don’t forget that Rome is not only the Colosseum and the Vatican City

Taste the great Italian food and wine while your are visiting the best monuments. Try the Colosseum and Food & Wine tour  or the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & Food Tour for the complete and perfect visit that you have always wanted.