Best instagram pictures you can take in Rome.

1 Colosseum at sunset from Colle Oppio. One of the 7 wonders of the modern world. The best shot is from the terrace and with the lights of the sunset 

2 St Peters basilica from the Castel Sant’Angelo. From the castle you have a nice view of Rome and of the bridge with the angels. From the restaurant there is an amazing view of the Vatican and the Dome by Michelangelo.

3 Panoramic view from the Gianicolo hill. The Gianicolo hill is on the other side of the river. From here you can see the seven historical hills of Rome and you have a view going from south to north.

4 Panoramic view from the Pincio Hill inside the park of Villa Borghese. In the borghese park you can also shoot the lake and the temple of Esklapius.

5 The Roman Forum from the Capitol Hill or the Tabularim in the Capitoline Museums. The terrace overlooking the roman forum offers the best picture of the forum, symbol of the ancient Rome. The ancient ruins of the temples and basilicas and the colosseum in the background render this picture a must when in Rome

6 The Spanish steps in spring from Via Condotti. For Romes birthday on the 21st April the spanish steps are beautifully decorated with flowers and you can get the most famous picture of the spanish steps. A recommendation is to go early in the morning to avoid the big streams of tourists 

7 The pantheon’s facade and the obelisk at night. The pantheon enlightened at night is a wonderul show. Sometimes the street artists and musicians play some good music and will give you some goose bumps.

8 The Emperial palaces on the palatine hill seen from the circus maximus. The picture from here is incredible if you think that about 250.000 people could fit inside the circus maximus 2000 years ago.

9 Panoramic view from the Dome designed by Michelangelo at St peter’s basilica. From the highest point in Rome you can see all the city from above. Not recommended for claustrophobic people because you must climb 550 steps.

10 The picturesque streets of Trastevere. Trastevere is one of the most beautiful districts in Rome. The best thing you can do here is to get lost in the small narrow streets and find the best corner for your instagram photo.

11 Panoramic view from the Vittoriano. The Victor Emanuels monument stands near the ancient ruins of the emperial squares. The terrace on the top offers an amazing view.

12 Via panisperna in the Monti district. Monti is full of small restaurants and popular bars but the corner between via panisperna and via del boschetto is one of our favourite

13 Campo dei Fiori and the markets of Rome. Campo dei Fiori is a busy morning market enriched with colourful flowers and vegetables. All these lively colours are in contrast with the creepy statue of Giordano Bruno, the monk and philosopher that was burned alive in the 16th century by the Pope.

14 Via Giulia and the passetto farnese. A street from the 16th century designed by Bramante commissioned by the powerful pope julius the II. The little arch was supposed to connect the farnese palace to the villa farnesina. The best picture of Via Giulia is from the fontana del mascherone.

15 Take a picture when tossing the coin into the Trevi fountain. Even if the trevi fountain is often overcrowded and it is difficult to get a picture without anyone around, the Fountain is a symbol of Rome. The legend says that if you throw one coin in the fountain you will surely come back to Rome again.

16 The mouth of the truth. One memorable picture that tourists usually take in Rome is the Mouth of the Truth. As in the movie Roman Holidays you should put the hand inside the big mouth, if you are a liar, following to the legend, the mouth will cut your hand.

17 Parco degli Acquedotti. The ancient ruins of Roman aqueducts and the green grass fields are a good combination to have good memories of the Eternal city.

18 Quartiere Coppedè. The district of Coppedè is a very interesting district with funny and peculiar palaces and decorations. The best picture is the one with the fountain of the frogs, the palace of the Spider and the palace of the fairies.

19 Street art in Via del Porto Fluviale, in via del Gazometro and in the Pigneto district. Modern street artists in Rome have decorated old palaces with some vibrant street art to requalify some areas of Rome. This is what happened to the Pigneto district that is today a very cool area full of bars and restaurants.

20 Via Margutta. A typical nice little street loved by Roman and international artists. Every corner is a piece of art. You will be easily inspired.