Best food from Tuscany

Best food from Tuscany

Tuscany is well known for its illustrious history, stunning scenery, and, of course, its delectable food. Tuscan food is known for its straightforward but flavorful dishes that are prepared with local, seasonal products and cooked according to age-old traditions. We’ll look at some of the top Tuscan dishes and ingredients in this piece.  Pappardelle al […]

Bolgheri: the Italian answer to Bordeaux


Bolgheri is the inland area of the Tuscan coast in Livorno district, more precisely it is in the commune called Castagneto Carducci. Viticulture in Bolgheri has a very long history and the first evidence dates back to Etruscans and Romans age. At the beginning of the XIX century tuscan producers started to develop better techniques […]

Sangiovese: one grape…different expressions

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Sangiovese wine tasting Tuscany Sangiovese is the most grown grape in Italy, it ripes late and so suitable for a warm climate. Sangiovese gives wines with medium to high tannins, high acidity and flavours of violet and ripe red cherries. It can undergoes through a period of time in oak to soften the tannins and […]

Best DOCG wines from Italy

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BEST DOCG WINES ITALY When the Greek conquered south Italy, they found many vine plants and called the peninsula Enotria, the land of Wine (from oinos=wine). The history of Wine in the world is linked with the Roman Empire. Nowadays in Italy there are at least 600 different varieties of grapes, 35 DOCG and about 350 […]

Post your photo on Facebook and WIN A TRIP TO ITALY

HOW TO WIN: Post your favourite picture during your last stay in Italy on facebook Use the hashtag #baccotours Share the post on your wall and get a lot of likes The photo with most Likes within the 24.12.18 wins You choose when to travel THE PRICE: The photo with most likes on Facebook within […]

What to do in Siena, Top 10 must


Siena was an Etruscan Hilltown and then became a Roman colony. The legend tells it was founded by Senio and Ascanio, sons of Remus. For this reason the shewolf and the two twin brothers remind that of the founding of Rome with Romolus and Remus. It reached its flourishing Time on the 13th and  14th […]

Most famous Wines Tuscany

THE MOST FAMOUS WINES FROM TUSCANY Bolgheri Sassicaia Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido 2015 was considered in 2018 the best Wine of the year by Wine Spectator. It is produced with french grapes Cabernet Sauvignon 85% and Cabernet Franc 15% in a region where Sangiovese is the main grape. It is the result of a great […]