Highlights Ostia Antica – Top 10

Highlights Ostia antica Top 10

OSTIA ANTICA Ostia Antica was the ancient port of Rome, fundamental for the trade of ancient Rome. The port developed along the mouth of the river Tiber in fact Ostia means mouth of the river. In the 1st century AD the emperors built other ports in Fiumicino and later in Centumcellae (modern Civitavecchia) which became […]

Top 10 Villa d’Este Tivoli – Unesco World’s Heritage Site

Villa d'Este

Villa d’Este Tivoli was built during the 16th century by Pirro Ligorio and commissioned by the cardinal Ippolito d’Este, grandson of the powerful pope Borgia. The gardens inspired the gardens of Versailles and the gardens of the Reggia di Caserta. The same architect built also the mysterious Monster Park in Bomarzo.  Today you can visit about […]

Top 10 best monuments Rome


The city centre of Rome belongs all to the Unesco list. While walking in Rome you will be impressed by so many monuments and ancient buildings. Be sure to not miss the most important ones. Check this list: Aurelian walls Mura aureliane. The Aurelian city walls were built on the 3rd cent AD. 13 km […]

Top 10 Things to do and see Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi coast is the most spectacular coast-road in Europe. It belongs to the Unesco list. The road connecting Positano to Vietri sul mare is pretty curvy (about 700 curves) and 55 km long. There are 13 small villages with their own traditions, history and legends. Discover with us the musts of The Amalfi Coast.  […]

Top 10 BEST Roman dishes and traditional plates

Trippa romana

Top 10 Roman dishes 1. Pasta Carbonara. Her majesty the pasta Carbonara is one of the most famous pasta in the world. Unfortunately chefs in many countries add weird ingredients such as white cream, ham and sometimes peas. We don’t have an original recipe but the ingredients are quite clear, they are  only 3: egg, […]

What to do in Siena, Top 10 must


Siena was an Etruscan Hilltown and then became a Roman colony. The legend tells it was founded by Senio and Ascanio, sons of Remus. For this reason the shewolf and the two twin brothers remind that of the founding of Rome with Romolus and Remus. It reached its flourishing Time on the 13th and  14th […]