Vesuvio DOC: Lacrima Christi

Wine tasting Vesuvius

Best wine tasting Vesuvius Lacryma Christi is the most representative among the wines produced at the Vesuvius Vulcan foot hills. It is a wine surely not prised for the quantity but the quality, along with the legend around its origin, has lead Lacryma Christi to be highly appreciated in Italy and in the world. The […]

Top 10 one day excursions from Rome


To visit Rome “one life is not enough”, but if you think you have discovered the most Important Highlights of Rome and the Top 20 Secrets of Rome or you want simply visit something outside Rome, here you can read some good tips. We have chosen the Top 10 one day Excursions among the cities you can reach […]

Falerno del Massico Wine Tasting – the favourite Wine of the ancient Romans


The legend says:  The God Bacchus once, pretending to be someone else, asked hospitality to an old man called Falerno. This man offered him a bed where to sleep, food and milk. Bacchus, moved by his generosity, transformed the milk in wine and gave birth to one of the most legendary wine: Falerno del Massico  […]