Barolo: the king of wines, the wine of the kings

Barolo baccotours

Barolo king of wines Barolo is one of the greatest Italian wines produced in the Piedmont region. The name Barolo comes from a little village in the Langhe Area located at the foot of the Alps (Piedmont=foot of mountain). Barolo wine is made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes and is also called “king of the wines, and wine […]

History of Pasta

History of pasta

History of pasta Pasta is a Greek word which means to knead. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome the use of flour mixed with salt and water was very common. In the 4th century BC a Greek writer used the word “laganon” to refer to layers of fresh pasta. This word is the ancestor of […]

Top 10 der besten Strände der Region Lazio


Italien ist das ideale Urlaubsziel, wenn Sie Kultur, Essen, Wein, Geschichte, Kunst, Sonne und Meer genießen möchten. Die Region Latium ist nicht nur Rom, sondern besteht aus kleinen Dörfern und malerischen Landschaften aus Bergen, Hügeln, Seen und Meer. Unvergesslich sind die Sonnenuntergänge am Meer im Sommer. Hier können Sie unsere Liste mit den besten Stränden […]

Pesto: Gestern, Heute und Weinbegleitung


Pesto ist eines der italienischen Meisterwerke und gehört zu den bekanntesten kalten Saucen der Welt. Obwohl der klassische „Pesto alla Genovese“ erst im 19. Jahrhundert in Ligurien geschaffen wurde, die Mischung aromatischer Kräuter mit Käse und Knoblauch hat eine sehr lange Tradition. Virgilio sagt in einem seiner Skripte, dass es im alten Rom schon solche “Moretum” […]

Rent apartment Santa Marinella (Rome)

rent apartment Santa Marinella

Rent apartment in Santa Marinella located just 30 minutes from Roma San Pietro. Santa Marinella has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Lazio region and offers everything you need for your perfect holiday: restaurants, bars, supermarkets and a little bit of nightlife. During the 60s it was a very nice posh area. Ingrid […]

Best DOCG wines from Italy

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BEST DOCG WINES ITALY When the Greek conquered south Italy, they found many vine plants and called the peninsula Enotria, the land of Wine (from oinos=wine). The history of Wine in the world is linked with the Roman Empire. Nowadays in Italy there are at least 600 different varieties of grapes, 35 DOCG and about 350 […]

Basic Italian – Top 10 most famous gestures

Italian gestures

What?? Che cosa vuoi? What do you want? When the referee at the Football match whistles and the player doesn’t understand why.  Let’s go! Andiamo Time to leave, andiamo! When it is time to go because there is a football match on tv. I don’t care Non mi interessa! A chin flick is the favourite […]

Epiphany in Italy


The epiphany in the cristian church celebrates the three kings who arrived in Bethlehem and donated some gifts to Jesus.  In Italy on the 6th of January we celebrate also the Befana, an old wrinkled woman who carries sweets to children.  Probably the two events are connected, in fact the name Befana is coming from […]

What to do in Siena, Top 10 must


Siena was an Etruscan Hilltown and then became a Roman colony. The legend tells it was founded by Senio and Ascanio, sons of Remus. For this reason the shewolf and the two twin brothers remind that of the founding of Rome with Romolus and Remus. It reached its flourishing Time on the 13th and  14th […]