History of Pasta

History of pasta

History of pasta Pasta is a Greek word which means to knead. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome the use of flour mixed with salt and water was very common. In the 4th century BC a Greek writer used the word “laganon” to refer to layers of fresh pasta. This word is the ancestor of […]

Tiramisù: origin, curiosity and wine pairing


Tiramisù origin curiosity wine pairing Tiramisù is without doubt the most famous Italian dessert in the world. As for other classic Italian recipes many are the regions that claim the paternity of this delicious dessert. After an accurate analysis seems that Tiramisù comes originally from Friuli Venezia Giulia and dates back to the XIX century. During […]

Famous Italian food that are not actually Italian

Pizza ananas

When asked about Italy, people normally think about mafia, football, a moustache guy gesticulating or singing opera with a mandolin. Do the Italians really have a mandolin in their houses? The answer is ‘No’ and probably the new generations don’t even know what a mandolin is. Anyway the most common beliefs are about food. It […]