Italy is the ideal holiday destination if you want to enjoy culture, food, wine, history, art, sun and sea. The region Lazio is not only Rome but is made of small villages and picturesque landscapes made of mountains, hills, lakes and sea. Unforgettable are the sunsets on the sea during Summer. Here you can read our list with the best beaches in the Lazio region:


Best beaches Lazio
  1. Ponza is the biggest of the pontine islands and can be considered a jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. The name it is said come from Pontius Pilatus, the Roman judger who condemned Jesus in Jerusalem. His family owned properties on the island. Ponza was connected with the mainland by a strip of land. You can take the ferry from Terracina, San Felice Circeo or Formia. We recommend to stay overnight to enjoy the stunning sunset.  
  2. Sperlonga is also called the Capri of the Romans. The ancient emperor Tiberius chose the area for a marvelous private villa. The small village overlooks the sea and is full of picturesque streets and amazing views. The white houses reminds the style of the Greek islands. The turquoise water is hard to find in the lazio region. 
  3. Gaeta gives the name to the bay and is very near the border with Campania. The beautiful color of the water is the result of the limestone of the cliffs. There are also some nice beaches if you prefer sand rather than cliffs. The village offers nice dining and a medieval atmosphere. For fish specialties we suggest also the nearby Formia. 
  4. Anzio is one hour away from Rome. It is the only blue flag beach in the province of Rome. The fisherman village is a great holiday spot for Romans and international tourists. We also recommend Nettuno with the medieval district and the and the touristic port. Anzio is also known as the place where the American soldiers attracted during World War II.
Santa severa

5) Santa Marinella is located on the coast north of Rome, just half an hour with the train from Roma San Pietro. The little village was an attractive holiday area in the 60ties, 70ties and 80ties. Ingrid Bergman and Rossellini had a villa and organised many parties in Hollywood style. The passeggiata is the best beach of the area where you can find many stabilimenti, unfortunately not a big public beach. Not to miss the little harbour                                                          

6) Lake of Bracciano is one of the blue flag beaches in the Lazio region. The lake has a volcanic origin and has a round shape. In the castle overlooking the lake took place the marriages of Tom Cruise and Eros Ramazzotti. 

7) Terracina is on the bay of San Felice Circeo and very near to Gaeta. It was a loved destination by the Scandinavian tourists in the 80s. It is worth the visit of the temple of Jupiter Anxur overlooking the coast.

8) Sabaudia has a very long sandy beach. It is a very nice residential area, very appreciated by the Romans. 

9) Fregene is a cool area just 20 km from Rome. During summer Fregene is full of parties, open air festivals and lively nightlife. The best moment to enjoy Fregene is for the aperitivo time.

10) Santa Severa was the Etruscan port city of Caere and was called Pirgy. The Etruscans used to have trade contacts with the Phoenician and the Greeks. The beach at Santa Severa has a picturesque castle, amazing is the view of the coast at sunset.