1) Boat Tour around the Island

This is our favourite activity to do on Capri. You can see the colorful grottoes such as the famous Blue Grotto, the White, the green and the Read Grottos. The effect of the sunlight reflected by the limestone cliffs gives unique effects to the water. With the boat Tour around the island you can also drive through the faraglioni cliffs, the symbol of Capri. On the Faraglioni cliffs is living the rare blue Lizard. The Boat tour usually doesn't include the Blue Grotto which has an additional cost of 13 euros to pay on spot. The blue grotto is open only when the sea level is low but on high season you should check how long the line is to go inside.

2) Piazzetta

The Piazzetta is considered the centre of Capri. From the square are starting many small picturesque and narrow streets. It's quite common to meet Vips and in the 60s there were a lot of Paparazzis. If you want to feel like a Vip you can have a coffe or an aperitivo sitting in a bar at the square. Be prepared to pay a coffe 10 euros. In the square there is also a church dedicated to Santo Stefano with a nice belltower and a beautiful terrace from where you can have a picture of the harbor Marina Grande.


3) Villa San Michele at Anacapri

On Capri there are two small towns: Capri and Anacapri. Connecting the two towns is a very old staircase called scala Fenicia with 800 steps. The name Fenicia reminds us the ancient Populations who used to live on the Island. The Swedish doctor Axel Munthe loved the island of Capri and used to climb the steps because he was living in the Villa San Michele on Anacapri. He was the private doctor of the Swedish Queen Victoria. Today Villa San Michele is a Swedish Institute and the second most visited site by Swedish tourists. The Villa was built in Neoclassical style and dedicated to San Michele, the book written by Axel Munthe. Today Villa San Michele is also a museum with art and masterpieces from the Roman, Egyptian and Greek time such as the legendary Sphinx which is 3200 years old. The Villa is also a must for its stunning views framed by classical columns, ruins and arches.


4) Augustus Gardens

The Botanical Garden was dedicated to the first emperor Augustus, who loved the island and built a Villa here. Broad panoramas, colorful vegetation and amazing views of the faraglioni makes the Gardens a must. The gardens were commissioned by the industrial german magnate Krupp who built also an interesting and beautiful street with many white curves called Via Krupp. The street is momentaneously closed for precaution.

5) Villa Jovis

Many writers from ancient time described the monumental villas of Capri. It is said there were 12 imperial villas as the 12 Gods. The most famous Villa was the Villa Jovis, dedicated to Juppiter and the residence of Tiberius, the second emperor and successor of Augustus. Tiberius stayed in the Villa and didn't return to Rome for more than 10 years. Many writers described his lifestyle made of banquets and orgias. The Villa was built in many terraces due to uneven ground. The so called Tiberius Leap is protagonist of many legends, it is a precipice of 300 meters.


6) Swim in the turquoise water

Even if Capri is not famous for white sandy beaches due to the cliffs, it is a must to swim in the turquoise water of Capri. We have 3 favorite areas to recommend: the Bagni di Tiberio beach, also called Palazzo a Mare, is not so far from the Marina grande. It is accessible by the sea or from the church S. Costanzo. The second spot where you can have a nice swim is at the faro di Punta Carena on the other side of Marina Grande. This is the second biggest lighthouse in Italy. From here you can appreciate a romantic sunset while having an aperitivo at Maliblu. For a snack the Bar da Antonio offers good quality sandwiches, fruit and drinks. Another good option is at Marina Piccola near the Torre Saracena. The little bay is here protected from the wind and is ideal for families. For a light lunch we recommend El Merendero.


7) Tragara Viewpoint

One of the best views is at Tragara Viewpoint. From the busy Piazzetta, take the street Via Camerelle and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of this romantic street. At the very end of this residential area you will find a terrace and an amazing view of the faraglioni Cliffs. If you like adventure you can follow the path down towards the Faraglioni and see also the natural arch, demonstration of the magnificent and grandiose power of Nature.

8) Shopping in the luxurious boutiques

Capri is also synonymous of luxurious clothings, jewelry, sandals and accessories. When visiting Capri for the first time you will be impressed by the fascinating style of Capris visitor, mostly dressed with white dresses. A symbol of Capri are the sandals; many artists in the past were wearing sandals from Capri such as Liz Taylor and Maria Callas.

9) Take the chair lift from Anacapri to Monte Solaro

Monte Solaro is the highest point of the island. From here you can enjoy the best views of Capri and the coast of Naples. On the mount there is a church dedicated to Mary and the ruins of an ancient monastery.

10) Enjoy local delicacies

Capri is an island and fishing is still an important activity. Pasta with shellfish, frittura and fish is a must when on Capri. We recommend Il Riccio restaurant and da Luigi ai Faraglioni. If you want to spend less money Buca di Bacco, Buco and Verginiello. The Pescheria near la Piazzetta has very good fish hamburger. For the pizza you should try Pizzeria Aumm Aumm. Don't forget to try a ice cold limoncello after lunch or dinner, it helps the digestion. The Caprese salad is also a good tip as a refreshing meal during the hot days in summer. The name caprese is clearly coming from the island of Capri. A pretty good wine is also produced here, it is the DOC wine from Capri.