If you are looking for the best local experience in Rome you should visit the rional markets and try some local products. Every district in Rome has its own market where you can meet real Romans. The seasonal products are for the most produced in the province of Rome or in the region Lazio.

Here is our list of our favourite markets in Rome:


Testaccio Market

Testaccio market near the Testaccio hill was recently renewed. Here you can buy fresh vegetables and fruit, you can try some fresh pasta, salads, sandwich and drink some Italian wine, craft beer, coffee or refreshing smoothies.



Eataly is the biggest shopping mall all dedicated to Italian food. You can find 3 floors full of products from all the Italian regions such as Extra virgin olive oil, truffle, balsamic vinegar from Modena, parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, buffalo mozzarella, neapolitan pizza, fish, meat, chocolate, wines, beers and a lot more. Look always at the programe because at Eataly there are often wine and food festivals or cooking classes and wine tastings.

Campo dei fiori

Campo dei Fiori

Campo dei Fiori is the most famous market in Rome and one of the 20 things to do once in Rome. It is the market of Rome since the 17th century but during the middle ages people used to be sentenced to death. Unfortunately nowadays there are not so many roman sellers but it is always nice to have a stroll or have an aperitivo or just a quick snack with white pizza and mortadella, a board with cold cuts. The market is every morning and during the night the square becomes busy and full with people


Porta Portese

Porta Portese is the sunday market and the place where you can find basically everything from vintage furniture, to bycicles, clothes and second hand. It is very big and is near the Trastevere district. Don't miss a little walk on sunday morning and then a lunch in the lovely Trastevere Area.


Monti Second hand Market

Second hand market at Monti. Every saturday and Sunday in the picturesque district of Monti, takes place the Vintage market. An occasion to meet some local people and an occasion to buy some cool stuff or just enjoy the dj set.


Via Sannio

Via Sannio is the favourite market for teenagers where you can find not original brand clothes. If you have kids who like to shopping it might be a good idea to visit this little market. Don't forget to bargain, the sellers are open to negotiation. Open every day it is near the San Giovanni station.

Market near the Vatican

Prati market near the Vatican is the district market of the quarter Prati, that means gardens. The district in fact was built after the unification of Italy on an area that was full of gardens and green. Today Prati is a residencial Area, if you have an apartment nearby, you can buy fresh ingredients for your recipes here in this market. Another interesting Market very near the Vatican Museums and the Metro station Ottaviano is the market Trionfale where we organize a guided Tour Combo Vatican Museums & Food Tour