Où manger à Rome à petit prix ? Super cuisine italienne à des prix abordables et pour tous les palais. Il n’est pas facile de trouver de la bonne cuisine italienne authentique avec de bons prix, voilà un guide de voyage de Rome pas cher 2019. Si vous voulez que quelqu’un vous montre les meilleurs endroits pour manger à Rome, essayez ici 😉


Pasta chef is located in central Monti District. They prepare home made pasta with typical Roman sauce such as pasta carbonara, amatriciana, Gricia and cacio e pepe but also pasta with pesto or with truffle. They usually have special menus. Thursday it’s gnocchi day. If you want to try real Roman dishes on a budget this is the place. It is near the ghetto, the Jewish district and not too far from the colosseum. There are a few seats and tables but don’t expect silver cutlery and ceramic plates 

Trapizzino is in Piazza Trilussa in the Trastevere district. The square is usually full of people, especially on weekends. If you want to enjoy the Trastevere nightlife and save some money we recommend to try this peculiar street food. They prerape the typical Roman dishes wrapped in a triangle pizza-style, therefore the name between pizza and tramezzino (trapizzino), tramezzino is an Italian triangular sandwich.

Alice Pizza is almost at every corner in the city centre of Rome. It serves Romans favourite pizza al taglio, sliced Pizza. The seats are limited but this placeis ideal for a short stop during your walking visit of Rome. The pizza in Rome is the carbohydrate fuel you need after a long walk under the sun.

Roscioli forno. In Rome, everybody knows the historical bakery Roscioli, which has also a café and a high quality restaurant. There are all the typical Roman salty snacks: pizzette, supplì, tramezzini, pizza with Mortadella, pizza al taglio. It is ideal for a break near Campo dei fiori or the ghetto. At Roscioli café you can also try some sweet delicacies like tasty Maritozzo with panna, sweet buns filled with fresh whipped cream.

Supplizio is in Via dei banchi vecchi between the Vatican and the Ancient Rome. Consider it the place with the best supplì in Rome. Supplizio offers crocchette and panini, good wines and beers. This is a MUST if you want to taste real roman street food.

Egg is very close to the Vatican and it is a small place with a few seats but very tasty and very cheap pasta. You can choose the kind of pasta that you like most and also the sauce. All of it for only 5/6 euros. If you are tired and want to relax your legs after a visit of the Vatican, maybe it is better to enjoy a restaurant in the nearby borgo pio street but if it’s ok for you to sit somewhere outside, then Egg is highly recommended.

Lasagnam near the Colosseum is the ultimate Italian fast food. They have different lasagne from different regions and menus at about 10 euros. It is ideal for children since the menus are served with French fries and a softdrink.

Mercato Centrale in the Termini station is a food court where you find most of the Roman and international best food from raw fish to hamburger, pasta to porchetta. It is strategical if you’ve just arrived or if you’re leaving the city by train since it’s in Termini central station. If you are a group of people with different tastes Mercato Centrale will satisfy all of your desires.

Campo dei fiori is the historical market of Rome since the 15th century. It’s in the city centre. Nowadays it has become very touristy and it’s rare to find real Roman sellers. Anyway it’s very picturesque and during the evening it gets quite busy, full of young people. As in all the squares of Rome it is a little bit more expensive to sit with a nice view of the square but there are some cheap options too. We recommend a pizza with Mortadella at the forno in the corner or a panino with porchetta at Norcineria Viola.

Mercato Testaccio is located near the peculiar hill Testaccio made of ancient vases fragments. It is near the Piramide metro station, where the ancient pyramid of caius cestius is. This is one of the hidden gems of the city, the prices are good and it’s full of locals. When in Rome…

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