The best shopping in Rome

When in Rome, you can easily find good shopping destinations. This is our list

1 – Via del Corso (inside the historical centre of the city)
This long shopping street is definitely Roman’s favorite. It connects Piazza Venezia dominated by the huge and white Altar of the motherland (or Vittoriano) to the astonishing Piazza del Popolo. You can reach this street easily by metro stopping at Flaminio Station or Spagna station of the line A. You can find well-known western clothes shops here but also lesser known Italian fashion brands. Lots of souvenir shops as well. Not far from via del Corso is via dei Condotti.

2 – Via dei Condotti (in the historical centre of the city)
Maybe the busiest in the city centre, via dei Condotti faces the famous Spanish Steps. Different from via del Corso, it is a small street but full of Italian haute couture and jewelry shops : Armani, Valentino, Prada, Bulgari and so on.

3 – Viale Ottaviano (near the Vatican State)
After visiting the Vatican Museums or Saint Peter Basilica, you would love to look for viale Ottaviano, just about 10 minutes walk from the Saint Peter square and 5 minutes from the entrance to the Vatican Museums. This is not a very long street but there are a few interesting shops. You can find clothes, shoes, souvenirs. There are many B&B and guesthouses in the area.

4 – Via dei Giubbonari (in the historical centre of the city)
Near Campo de Fiori is  this narrow shopping street in the heart of the city. You will hardly find famous brands, but good quality clothes, bags, shoes at good prices. If you are hungry and want to have a break, there are very good “Forni” (historical bakeries) that sell freshly baked bread.

5 – Outlet Castel Romano (South of Rome)
This is far from the city centre but one of the best shopping complexes if you are looking for Italian fashion brands at affordable prices. All the most famous Italian brands are here but since it is an Outlet, most of them are sold half their original prices. It is possible to take a bus from Termini train station.

6 – Parco Leonardo (near Fiumicino Airport)
It is located near the international Airport of Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) and it can be reached by train from Termini, Tstiense, Trastevere or San Pietro stations. This big shopping mall has a cinema, restaurants, shops. It’s perfect if you want to do some shopping before leaving Italy or when the weather is bad.

7 – Cola di Rienzo (near the Vatican State)
This is a busy shopping street near the Vatican and it’s an alternative to Via Ottaviano. It’s a larger street full of shops and bars n so far from the Prati market.

8 – HAppio (not far from the city centre)
HAAPPIO is located on the Via Appia Nuova, another shopping street full of locals. You can reach it by the metro (at Furio Camillo Metro Station), just 3 stops from San Giovanni. You can fin the typical western shops as well as restaurants and cafés. Recommended in rainy days because it is easy to reach.

9 – Via Sannio (not far from the city centre)
If you like expensive brands but you travel on a budget, Via Sannio could be a good option. Don’t expect the haute couture quality though. It is Open every morning and it is located just outside the city walls near San Giovanni Basilica. Many sellers will try to call you in their small shops. Be ready to bargain.

10 –  Viale Marconi (not far from the city centre)
Viale Marconi is in the south of the city centre. It’s an alternative way to find good prices in a non tourist part of Rome. This is a real busy commercial street so don’t plan to go there by car. It’s impossible to find a parking place.

11 – Termini train station (in the city centre)
In the Termini train station you can find small shops selling clothes, shoes, books, electronic devices and also good restaurants and cafés. Don’t forget to stop at the Mercato Centrale to try some Roman specialities.

12 – La Rinascente (in the historical centre)
If you want to enjoy yourself with some expensive shopping, the best fashion brands are at La Rinascente shopping mall. Recently inaugurated, this place keeps a beautiful secret at the lowest floor. There are some ruins of an ancient Roman aqueduct, the Aqua Virgo built by Marcus Agrippa that used to fill his thermal baths, the first public thermal baths in Rome. From the terrace you have a beautiful view over the eternal city, it’s the perfect place to have an Aperitivo with a glass of Italian wine or the typical Spritz.